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You Are a Spiritual Being on a Journey in the Physical World


Author Jack Armstrong

The idea of our having a dual identity as spiritual beings who also are experiencing a simultaneous, but temporary, adventure in the physical world is central to many spiritual teachings, including those presented in the book, Lessons from the Source: A Spiritual Guidebook for Navigating Life’s Journey.

This concept, along with the lessons about our unity with all creation and the constant availability of our good that were presented in earlier articles, are the foundational principles on which most of the other teachings in the book are based.

The Challenge of Remembering Our True Identity

The spiritual writings presented below explain this dual identity and describe our continuing challenge of maintaining an awareness of our spiritual self while functioning in the physical world. They remind us that there is no separation between the two worlds, even though the influence of mass consciousness conveys the impression that our physical identity is our only reality.

The following passages are taken verbatim from the first section of Chapter Two of Lessons from the Source.

The Physical and the Spiritual are One

The physical and the spiritual are one. They are not distinct entities, even though at times the physical aspect of your reality seems to be the entire reality. This is the challenge of this adventure: you must exist on the physical level until your time is up, yet living exclusively on the physical level misses the point. You are a spiritual being. You must remember and realize and accept that this is true, and then enjoy your adventure on the physical plane from the perspective of the spiritual, which is the true source of all of your good. Do not allow yourself to be deceived by the illusions.

There is No Separation

The separation of the physical and spiritual worlds seems to you to be complete, yet these worlds are separated only by a wisp of smoke in your consciousness. And that separation is one that you have created as part of the mass consciousness. In truth, there is no separation. You are in both worlds, both realms, simultaneously, yet you know it not. The inner direction that you receive is your consciousness at the spiritual level responding to the good that is always available on that plane.

Eternally Spiritual, Temporarily Physical

If you can integrate into yourself the reality that you are always on that plane, just as you are temporarily on the physical plane as well, you will understand and accept that your good is always accessible to you. If you see yourself exclusively as a physical creature in a physical world, however, you will remain convinced that you, in conjunction with other persons and conditions to whom you have ascribed power, are responsible for making your good happen. How much more simple it is to simply accept and understand that, as a spiritual being, you can call upon your good and claim it and make it part of you in a process that is as natural as breathing.

Yes, you have to work to bring your consciousness to that point. But that is the challenge of the physical plane – to be able to overcome its false restrictions and move beyond them and allow your being to flow gently with the current of light and love and peace and happiness.

A Thin Veil, Rather Than a Great Divide

It is such a thin veil that separates the physical plane from the spiritual, but it seems like such a great divide to you while you are on earth. If you could remove yourself only a small bit from your physical “reality,” you, too, would be amused at your struggles. To observe yourself would be like watching a movie of yourself in a past situation of difficulty during which you had no idea how to proceed. As you view it, you understand in retrospect what the factors were that contributed to your confusion and distress, and you can see how easily it all could have been resolved with a proper perspective and understanding.

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In Lessons from the Source: A Spiritual Guidebook for Navigating Life’s Journey, Jack Armstrong shares, for the first time, remarkable channeled spiritual teachings he received over a 30 year period, but had kept entirely to himself.

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