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Spiritual Journey looks at what it means to be guided by your soul

The Plan


“We are born into a family as a tiny bundle of energy. We go to school, grow up, get a job and conform to society, family, tradition and general rules of the tribe. We forgot that we had a plan of our own all along.” excerpt from Divine Design by Gail Minougue. The soul awakens to remind you of that plan for your life a plan that was put in place before you arrived here in this body, this family and this life all arrangements for the life you were to lead was made. So life is not going as smoothly as you want it to, you encounter one disappointment after another. Perhaps the map you are following for your life belongs to someone else good chance it doesn’t belong to your soul if there is no happiness just problems on your current path. Of course to just abandon the way you have lived and believed “all” your life takes courage. To change things even though they are not what you want requires you to believe that your awaken soul knows where it belongs and what it should be doing right now. Pretending to believe will not get you where you need to be, you must be ready willing and able to allow the superior awareness of the soul to guide you completely. One can pretend that they are awake and aware for only so long then the moment of truth arrives. Souls that are awake and aware can and do deal with lifes ups and downs as many times the soul awaken to find it self in the midst of unpleasant situations created by the body confirming to society, family etc.. The awaken soul deals with crisis that arrive calmly and with a minimum of wasted emotions and energy. Let me give you a comparision based on something we have all seen. Two mothers each with a toddler both throwing a temper tantrum, one mother rants at her child because he is embarrasing her and causing a scene they both draw the attention of passerbys which looks on in disgust. The other mother calmy speaks with her child in a quite voice then takes her child by the hand and continues what she is doing the child is still sniffiling a bit even dragging his feet but life goes on and there is no scene .This is the difference when your life is guided by your awaken soul it is as apparant as is the different parenting skills described above one is definitely the best way to handle the situation. Life is different your path if you choose to allow your soul to guide is a much smoother one, that does not mean it is without difficulties however they are swiftly handled and resolved with a minimum of reaction and a maximum of action. Obviously getting back to the original plan will take work and the willingness to trust the writer of your lifes blueprints to know where to take your life. You cannot keep grabbing the blueprints from your soul and trying to read them yourself it is much like reading a map upside down when you do. Your soul can become your guide, implement “the plan” that is uniquely yours or you may continue to try to conform and stumble through your life from one difficulty to another your choice.

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Rev Dyanna is a counselor and spiritual advisor with over 20 years of experience in helping people find their own spiritual path. She is a metaphysical minister with a PhD in Metaphysical Science. She offers EFT and Holistic Life Counseling from her website Center for Mind Body and Spirit

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