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The Missing Piece to Effectively Manifest Your Dreams with Law of Attraction


The Missing Piece to Effectively Manifest Your Dreams with Law of Attraction

Author: Peter Hwa

If you continue to read this article after my brief introduction, I guess you know about the Law of Attraction and you still not manage to manifest the things you want. Wondering what went wrong?

Don’t worry; you are on the right track. Nothing is wrong; you just miss a very important part. If you do this part right, it will be instanced manifestation.

How do I know? I was in your shoes not long ago. Four years after I read “The Secret” and come across the Law of Attraction, I tried to manifest my desires but failed. Or it seems.

Law of Attraction never fails, like all natural laws in the universe. Because this laws are what make the whole system work. Just imagine the law of gravitation fails for just a fraction of seconds. What damage it will bring into the cosmos?

So, why we failed then? We didn’t. The experience we have is what our dominant thought & feeling is. Still don’t get it? We know everything is made up of energy; whatever we want is just the transfer of energy. Since energy transfer through vibrations and our thought & feeling are vibrations. Thus when our dominant thought & feeling is what we don’t have or don’t want. That is exactly what we are experiencing.

We know how the Law of Attraction works. Ask, Believe & Receive. But we have to do it in vibration level.

Ask- This is simple, we ask every moment in our life, on what we want, what we don’t want. Example: Whenever you don’t want a particular experience, we automatically transmit the frequency of what we do want to the universe.

Believe- This part is trickier, we need to 100% believe that we already have what we wanted. So the universe arranges what we want accordingly to our frequency vibrations transmitted.

Receive- This is the most important part for manifestation. We need to FEEL that we already have what we want. The universe will deliver to us accordingly to our feeling vibration. That is why we are advised to feel gratitude all day long. Because the vibration of gratitude & satisfied is similar. The vibrations of already have what you want.

To be exacts, we need to Asked, Believed & Received in past tense. But are you currently facing difficulty to believe & feel you have what you want already? If yes, the missing piece is how you make yourself 100% believe your desire have manifested.

And to do this is by “LETTING IT GO”. Only by letting it go you are transmitting the frequency of having it already. This is the vital part to manifest what you want.Because the Law of Attraction manifest instantly when the frequency from your thought & feeling match what you want.

And it is by letting it go, I manage to start manifest what I want at ease. I even practice it on my water filter & menstrual cramps business. I Called it The Art Of Let Go.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/metaphysics-articles/the-missing-piece-to-effectively-manifest-your-dreams-with-law-of-attraction-6321098.html

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