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Souls Awakening


The beauty of Souls Awakening

tranquilityI am happy to say since I started this blog I have witnessed the awakening of souls, many souls. It is as beautiful as standing in a field of wild flowers in the early morning with dew still on them as they open to the sun. Each soul awakens with an awareness of their true reason for being. Their only obstacle is to now turn their physical body to the true path. I have witnesses that too becoming easier for many souls. Some however still need their bodies to hear the sound of a physical voice letting them know what is occurring. As I continue working with those becoming en souled for each that heed the voice of their soul we witness their lives changing right before their eyes. Some still expect the heavens to open and angels to sing as they become en souled. It is really a miracle but one akin to a child being born there are no major bells and whistle except for the parents of that child. When a being becomes en souled the bells and whistle is in the smoothing of life, the congruity of things. A life once bumpy and chaotic become smooth and you move from one situation to the next with out struggle. The soul in it’s oneness with the universe help you achieve what you believe you are capable of achieving. Learning that your thoughts are an important part of your spiritual path and that they need to be directed and guarded has proved difficult for many. They believe that looking for the worse case scenario and preparing for it is being realistic. Being aware of the worse case scenario then moving your thoughts to the true outcome you desire is more realistic and will make it possible for the soul and the universe to provide you with what you really want in life. For those who have dwelled on the worse case scenario, and then brag about their foresight in knowing that it would happen, I say to you congratulations it happened because you actively created it by giving it focus in your life. I close this small blurb on the journey with these words:

The universe supports the reality of your beliefs absolutely.

When you believe
you must struggle for abundance,
then it will bring about situations that are
conducive to struggle; when you believe you cannot
experience love without pain, the universe will give you exactly
that – love with pain; when you believe it takes time for an illness
to heal – then so it will. There is not a single force opposing you,
there is only ONE force supporting you absolutely. It is called
LOVE, the force that birthed you, that created you in its
own image. This love is so magnanimous it will give
you exactly and absolutely whatever it is
that your reality entails.

Change your beliefs and you change your reality

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Rev Dyanna is a counselor and spiritual advisor with over 20 years of experience in helping people find their own spiritual path. She is a metaphysical minister with a PhD in Metaphysical Science. She offers EFT and Holistic Life Counseling from her website Center for Mind Body and Spirit

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