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Practice Positive Thoughts


How import is it to practice positive thoughts in everyday things?

How important is it to make sure that you are focused on that which you really desire? It is very important to focus on what you want. We all have fears, but to focus on those fears do not better prepare us for them, nor does it avert them. Instead it creates them. The universe is impartial and will give us what we focus on. Instead of focusing on being late for a important meeting focus on getting there on time and all of your effort and energy will flow in the direction of achieving that, other wise you will find yourself experiencing a flurry of events guaranteed to make you late.

This is just a small example, we sabotage our lives like this everyday with out realizing that we are doing it. To stop this trend we need to be aware of our thoughts. If they are geared to negative/positive you are automatically creating what you are thinking of . When you find your thoughts headed in a negative direction you might want to redirect them to a positive outcome for the situation that you are thinking about. If you have always looked at the negative side of things it may be a bit of a challenge to train your mind to positive thought. That can be done by monitoring your thoughts and not letting your mind wander idly through the events of your life. Such as I don’t have, I can’t get, I am never going to make it etc…I don’t have can be shifted to I  always have what I need when I need it. Replacing the negatives with positive words is the first step in reminding your self that the negative outcome that you are thinking about you are also creating.

How do you respond when someone ask you for something? If someone ask you for money do you say to them “oh I am broke” or “I don’t have any money”? If so you are creating a self fulfilling prophecy. Easier, more positive and more honest is I don’t have money for that or for you, it may be tempered with “at this time”.

It is all in how you think, and what you think, followed by what you say. You may be practical, honest, and realistic all while using positive thoughts and responses. Practice it until it becomes natural to address life in a positive state of mind. Positive thoughts and positive focuses create positive results.

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Rev Dyanna is a counselor and spiritual advisor with over 20 years of experience in helping people find their own spiritual path. She is a metaphysical minister with a PhD in Metaphysical Science. She offers EFT and Holistic Life Counseling from her website Center for Mind Body and Spirit

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