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Original Path

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Following Soul’s Original Path or plan for your life

The pathNow we get to the hard part of the soul awakening, allowing the Soul to implement it’s original plan. You might wonder why this should be difficult? Well as stated earlier we have our illusionary life style gleaned from the people who have “shaped” our lives from childhood to now. Many of the ideas, beliefs and even the things we hold as dear in our lives have little to do with the path of our souls journey. These things belong to others, they are a result of the influence of others in and on our lives. They were implemented to replace the guidance of the soul which was sometimes forced to sleep because it’s beliefs were different from those of the environment the body was growing up in. So as not to cause the body to constantly be in trouble due to it’s “rebel views” the soul quietly stepped aside until the body was old enough to make it’s own choices. Other times it was the body who had no patience with the souls choices, because the body desired instant gratification without work that pushed the soul aside. The soul, aware that it had time to accomplish what it needed to do allowed the body to follow the path it was choosing. Either way the soul awaken to take the reins again when the body has reached an impasse and no longer know what to do to make the choices it has made work…For Many this change comes in the “middle years” between 30 and 50 some are older. They find that they no longer fit the lives they have chosen. The Soul awakening is in answer to that awareness. Now this looks like the answer to the problem right? Unfortunately many are not ready to let go of that which is causing them discomfort for various reasons, it is “family”,obligations, they have worked very hard to get where they are, and the list of reason go on it is endless really. Many can not find the strength in themselves to release all and let Soul take the reins. Others willingly release part of the situation but hold fast to the beliefs, ideas, illusions and fears that put them in the situation in the first place. Thus begins the struggle between soul/spirit and ego/mind/body. Body believes that it is it’s life and it should be able to continue business as usual. Soul knows it is it’s life and business as usual will only come full circle again to the same place. Now soul quietly offers to fix things and implement the Original Plan. Body/ego gives soul five minutes to correct what it has taken 30 to 50 years to ruin and then snatches the reins back again. At this point for some my services are called upon and it really become interesting.

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Rev Dyanna is a counselor and spiritual advisor with over 20 years of experience in helping people find their own spiritual path. She is a metaphysical minister with a PhD in Metaphysical Science. She offers EFT and Holistic Life Counseling from her website Center for Mind Body and Spirit

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  1. These words are so true, as I have experienced them. As I fought my soul awareness, it became more and more apparent the need to let go of my family’s beliefs and find my own. It took quite a while to find out what those beliefs were and when they did come forward, I still would fight them. While I didn’t have a hard time believing what I was seeing, I had a very hard time believing I could live that way on a daily basis. The twists and turns of allowing for Soul guidance is amazing, this should have taken years to accomplish and yet it hasn’t, it has not been easy to chose to give up the reins of my life to my soul. I would wonder so what really so wrong with my life, other than, I am unhappy, and miserable. Even knowing that my soul could guide me into a totally different way of being into complete and utter happiness on a daily basis..where the days that are challenging are just that, they are a challenge, but the challenge is dealt with in a clear and consise manner and it is done with that day, so that the next day we can wake up to a totally new day, refreshed and ready for whatever life brings us and being able to handle it in controlled manner is amazing..it’s not not doing something, you may not see what you do on a physical level for a few days or even months,but it is put in motion with your thoughts and with your deeds..what you do today, affects the outcome of tomorrow, whenever that may be.

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