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Spiritual Journey looks at what it means to be guided by your soul

Soul Make a Difference


An awakened soul makes a difference. It makes a difference in the choices we make about all aspects of our lives.Soul makes a difference when we gather information. Do we believe what is popular or do we believe what resonate with our innermost being? If you believe what resonates with your inner most being you will never be steered wrong. The small quiet voice within you will always direct you to that which helps you, but that cause no harm to others. An enlightened being does not have to sacrifice for the good of all. It is the nature of the inner being to take in consideration the good of all in helping its physical body choose. That sounds simple enough. The catch lies in listening to that voice over the noise of the masses

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Rev Dyanna is a counselor and spiritual advisor with over 20 years of experience in helping people find their own spiritual path. She is a metaphysical minister with a PhD in Metaphysical Science. She offers EFT and Holistic Life Counseling from her website Center for Mind Body and Spirit

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