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Thoughts to Reflect Upon
"We come to love
not by finding a perfect person
but by learning to see
an imperfect person perfectly." ...Anonymous

"I existed from all eternity
and, behold, I am here;
and I shall exist
till the end of time,
for my being has no end."
---Kahlil Gibran

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Statement of Purpose
The Church of Divine Love adheres to the philosophy of Universal Love and Universal Truth.
We adapt readily to the interfaith concept and all faiths are welcome. We strive to give you a place to explore your spiritual beliefs and thoughts with other opened minded soul aware individuals.

We offer open discussion in our chat room and forum. Time for chat sessions will be listed in the forum.

All faiths and those unaffiliated with any particular belief system are welcome
It is our wish to give each individual a place to begin, or continue their spiritual journey.
To seek enlightenment and soul awareness and to understand that spirituality
is a life style. We hope you join us for spiritual renewal and exploration.

About Our Minister

Rev Dyanna is an ordained Minister,through the International Metaphysical Ministry.and Universal Ministries
A Metaphysical Practitioner and counselor. she attained a Certificate in Pastoral Counseling and a PhD in Metaphysics through the University of Metaphysics .
Rev Dyanna has 20+ years experience as a spiritual advisor and Instructor of Metaphysical and Esoteric Studies. Church of Divine Love offer a place for discussion..Topics may be chosen by the group that is coming together for the session.

Board of Directors-- Cheryl Rogers, Jacqueline White, D. Muthana, Rev Dyanna,Minister,

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